Analytics Strategy

Supporting Small Businesses and Professionals

Volunteering is a very close cause to my heart, it is together that we all can achieve more. Also, if it hadn’t been for the inspiring people who supported me throughout my career and are still supporting me now I wouldn’t have been able to have a career I am so passionate about.

Been thinking a lot during the past week about how to support during this challenging time. Governments have offered support for businesses, healthcare professionals and other industries are on the front-line helping people like superheros without capes. I believe my duty as a professional who links Strategy, Data Analytics and Finance is to volunteer to support businesses especially small ones and individuals during this challenging time. I have seen small businesses in my own small town struggling.

Small businesses are having more challenges and many individuals in public and private sectors are rethinking about their careers. In the coming weeks and through the lock-down, I will start writing blogs to support businesses to think strategically during this time and linking that to Analytics while ensuring financial viability of course. I will also be writing my normal monthly analytics article to share knowledge and thoughts. The blogs will be in the form of mini-blogs to ensure they are simple and easy to follow. Although my blogs will written for small businesses given the challenging time, they are definitely applicable to large organisations too.

Topics that I will be covering will be business models including segmenting customers, categorising resources and identifying value propositions aligned to mission, vision and objectives. I will also be covering customer churn, supply chain optimisation and other Data Analytics topics.

This time has shown us that business models need to take advantage of the digital era we are living in. Contact me through and send me your questions, will make sure to answer and share the knowledge with everyone!

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