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Building Data Analytics Capabilities – Part 2: Soft Skills

Building Data Analytics Capabilities is one of the main challenges facing organisations atm, in my first blog I covered some thoughts about the Technical skills for a team. In this blog, I will cover some thoughts on the soft professional skills as promised in part 1.

If we imagine a team being built and they are sat around a table discussing a Data Analytics project, it would be good that the members of this team have complementing soft skills.  Below are few of the soft skills needed in a data Analytics team (they are not the only skills as there are other but will cover those in this article):

  1. Business Partner: It will be good to have a member who is a good business partner and can work closely with the business and understand their needs. It is essential to have a team member who can explain analytics in a non-technical way to the business and can explain business needs in technical terms to developers.
  2. Ambiguity: Being able to handle ambiguity is another important skill, there are a lot of changes that happen in a project while working on it. Ambiguity isn’t the easiest thing to be comfortable with as humans.
  3. Change Management: Also, if you are working in analytics at this point or would like to join us on the journey, you have to realise that you are in a change management area and you are kind of a change agent really. Change is not easy and requires a different set of skills and resilience which is needed in a Data Analytics team

There are also a couple of skills that combine Technical and soft skills like

  1. Problem Structuring: A data analytics projects needs to be understood, framed and analysed with business team members who are normally not Data Analytics experts.
  2. Algorithmic Thinker: Another skill that sits between technical and soft skills is being an algorithmic thinker. This means understanding the power of algorithms, how to utilise algorithms and when to use it in a business case. 

Those are some thoughts on some soft skills needed in a Data Analytics team. There are other important skills like communication, decision making and so on. What do you think? Are there any soft skills which you saw in your projects and and think might be overlooked?

As always, looking forward to your thoughts and exchanging experience!

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