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How is Data Analytics used across Value Chain?

Know your value chain like you know the lines on your hand!
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Data Analytics can be so powerful when utilised effectively across the value chain, tools and technology made it much easier for businesses to access data as well as for users to pro-actively answer their own business questions.

Visualisation tools are advancing very quickly, they now enable stakeholders to slice and dice visualisations in order to uncover hidden patterns, do correlations and understand other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyse our data and get answers immediately compared to lower and less efficient traditional business intelligence solutions. Examples of those tools are Tableau, Power BI, Data Studio and others.

If we look into a value chain, a lot of industries use partnership models. Examples of those industries are IT, Telecom, automotive and others. A company can have hundreds of partners across the world. This makes it essential for the reporting team to simplify the data and enable partners and stakeholders to self serve easily. The regional partners understand their region and area better than anyone, they are the experts in their profession. They are also closer to the customers so can provide a lot of insights to the manufacturers or main providers of service. The business should always make sure to enable their success through providing the right visualisations and insights.

Examples of data that is useful for partners are: penetration rates in markets, customer retention and other performance KPIs. You will be surprised how those KPIs can play a critical part of partner’s strategy. Data shapes a lot of strategic and operational decisions. Having the right self-serve global reporting is essential for the business success.

What do you think? what has been your experience with global reporting? What is it that businesses should be focusing on? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experience!

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