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Coming from a non technical background, it took me a while to start coding and understand it. Having met so many people who came into coding from different backgrounds, I decided that it is time to share some of my experience.

Today is my first technical blog explaining the basic SQL statement in plain English. You use SQL to query data held in a relational databases.

The core of SQL is the below Statement:

  1. SELECT “fields”
  2. FROM “table”

The above is the core SQL statement which you use to to be able to query. You are basically telling SQL which fields you want and where to find them. Select is getting the fields you want, the order of the fields you ask for are the order of the fields the table will be created with. If you put “*” instead of names of fields, all the fields in the same order as the original table will be provided. From is where the query can go and find the fields, which table does it look into.

In my example, I am asking SQL to get me all the fields in customers table.

This is a short blog, let me know what you think and based on feedback will be sharing more.

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