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What Processes Can Be Automated?

Robotics Process Automation, also known as RPA is becoming a life saviour for companies. It has created a new type of workforce, a robotic workforce. In my opinion, it created more opportunities for human to use their unique “Human” skills rather than doing repetitive tasks.

In this post, I will be discussing the first of many steps to consider when embarking on a robotics journey.

So, what are the best tasks that can be automated?

In a nutshell, any process that has the below variables can be automated fully or partially:

  1. Not reliant on human judgment
  2. Repetitive
  3. Rule based

Automation benefits include:

  • Better quality – No errors
  • Time saving

RPA mimics the human interaction with applications, this includes managing exceptions efficiently using rules written in the programme. If you are starting your RPA journey, make sure to create an RPA business cases for the process being considered. This will ensure you start with the the right project.

What are your thoughts on processes that can be automated? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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