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Career and Hobbies Pattern

Our personality flourishes when we pick the right hobbies and career. Somehow, we can see the patterns between both and this helps us create a better career for ourselves.

In October I did my first duathlon but had a massive injury. Today I did my first Sunday run in the couch to 5k plan, this got me thinking about how my passion for running and why my passion for my Data Analytics career makes sense.

Running taught me that we can train very hard for a race but things come up (injury, life or whatever), we work with running buddies on plans then bounce back stronger and wiser. This is the same when scaling Data Analytics in organisations, we have setbacks (systems, understanding business or whatever), we learn and update strategy with our teams in order to have a better tailored one to the organisation. Data Analytics is a change management area, it can be bumpy at times but the journey is definitely worth it.

There is no one size fits all when scaling Analytics, scaling is different for each organisation depending on its culture, systems and needs.

Can you see the link between your hobby and your career?

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