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Motivational Monday 22nd March 2021

Analytics-Driven Strategy Community – Motivational Monday is a room I will be holding on clubhouse every Monday at 8pm UK time. Thought to share today’s recap with you today:

  1. Starting Data Analytics: Data Analytics is very rich, it covers Data Engineering, Data Science, Visualisation, Agile Methodology and more. Speaking with people working in the area will help you figure out which are you are interested in and if it is the right profession for you.
  2. Data Analytics Skills: It is not only technical, you will need business acumen and project management understanding. Data Analytics solves a business problem, you will actually be speaking with people. There are many soft skills needed, things like data gathering, communication, presentation and more.
  3. Data Engineering and Data Visualisation breakthrough: Create an online portfolio with tools like R, python, SQL, Tableau and other tools. This will help recruiters see your work.
  4. Experience: Do volunteering projects. Data Analytics is a challenge for charities, give them a hand if you can, you will learn a lot too.
  5. Events:
    – UK Artificial Intelligence Conference 23rd and 24th March by The Alan Turing Institute (link
    – Visualisation Room on Clubhouse Wednesday at 7pm by Hana M. K.Ben Jones and Mujahid (link
    #analyticsdrivenstrategy #machinelearning #fatemaelwakeel #artificialintelligence

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