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Motivational Monday 29th March 2021

Analytics-Driven Strategy Clubhouse Community – Motivational Monday Recap:

1. Tech skills to learn: Understand which area of Data Analytics you want to join (Data Engineering, visualisation or data science for example) and also understand what tools are used in the industry you want to get into.

2. Public Speaking: It is a very important skill, something that can be acquired. It will help in structuring your thoughts at work and a great way to give back to the community through sharing your knowledge.

3. Data Analytics breakthrough: Create an online portfolio with tools like R, python, SQL, Tableau and others. This will help recruiters see your work.

4. Data Analytics Titles: Focus on the job description, the company culture and the manager you will be working for. Titles can be confusing, you want to be in a team that helps you grow.

5. Events: Analytics-Driven Strategy Thinking Thursdays Room on 1st April 2021 @ 8pm UK time – Topic is “Non-tech Data Analytics Skills to Build”

What are your thoughts?

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