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Happy New Year!

I wish you a 2022 full of happiness, health and success. May all your dreams for this year come true – Happy New Year!

In one of the new year chats I was having with family and friends, we were discussing habits. Thought to share some of the habits that stood out in our discussions:

1.     Lifestyle: Planning paves the way to success so wake up early, sleep early and try to visit your goals regularly and ensure you are applying them to your life.

2.     Physical Health: exercise, drink more water and eat healthier.

3.     Mental health: meditate, reflect and practice happiness, positivity and gratitude.

4.     Learn: Read more and make sure to learn something new every day.

5.     Volunteer: Share knowledge, support charities and try to help at least a person every day.

#analyticsdrivenstrategy #habits #happynewyear2022

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