What are the discussions that happen at a board level?

Few of you have reached out asking several volunteering questions after yesterday’s post so here I am sharing answers. Keeps sending questions!

What I will be sharing today is what normally happens if you will pursue a board volunteering role in any organisation and an example of IMA board role. So, today is the annual board meeting that the IMA | Institute of Management Accountants holds. In board meetings, we discuss #strategy#vision#budgets#planning and other topics. This is important as given that we are board members we get the opportunity to ask questions and support the staff. A person serving at a board of director level is there to offer support, challenge and provide insights. We are picked because of our skills and what we bring to the table.

We also get the opportunity to discuss global challenges, volunteers, members and opportunities.

Today marks the end of IMA | Institute of Management Accountants fiscal year and the start of a new one, with that I congratulate
Paul Juras, PhD, CMA, CPA Chair Emeritus for leading the organisation when Covid hit – well done!
Steve McNally, CMA, CPA, MBA for his amazing work during Covid and all the surprises that kept hitting us – well done!
Gwen van Berne, CMA looking forward to working with you in your term next year!
Rich Brady congratulations on your Chair-Elect role!
Jeff Thomson, CMA, CSCA, CAE great leadership during these tough times!

Looking forward to serving with everyone next fiscal year and working with my amazing colleagues, awesome IMA staff and supporting members.


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