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When making a decision do you think, am I in my comfort zone?

When making a decision do you think, am I in my comfort zone? What are my priorities? Do I need to do things differently?

Was out with friends in Cambridge this weekend after a conference. Long story short a lady in the group mentioned how she has this great opportunity in London. A great company, a promotion and they will pay for her relocation. She explained how her life is organised in her little flat in Cambridge, she knows the city well and how she knows her job inside out so why would she move?

London is an hour from Cambridge and for me, she sounded more in her comfort zone. My immediate reaction was, do you really like it here or are you in your comfort zone? My question was like an eyeopener for her. Our conversation turned into coaching where I kept asking her more questions to reflect on.

If she was happy and doesn’t want challenges or a promotion, then maybe staying in her current role is perfect. When it comes to career decisions, it is all relative. There is no right or wrong, it depends on life commitments, ambitions and much more. We are all different which is why there are different roles and no one career plan can work for everyone.

Make sure to follow your passion and prioritise what is important for your life at the time you are making a decision. Priorities change and life present us with opportunities, we need to pick what suits us at the right time as well as realise when it is fear rather than priorities.

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