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How to be more effective in data technical meetings and data startegy meetings?

One of the things I learned in my early data career is that technical conversations and business conversations are different, so:

  1. Engaging with stakeholders, identifying business value and leading Data strtegy needs a business mindset with a technical understanding 🤝
  2. A technical conversation needs a deep technical understanding of the methodology used, coding or testing systems with some business understanding of the case💻
  3. Business and technical skills needed are different depending on project, meeting and situation in general 🙌🏼
  4. Don’t mix stakeholders, speak the language of your stakeholders. This is business to business people and geek on tech with tech people. You are lucky if you speak business and technology, enjoy being dual lingual 👏🏼
  5. As much as we we want to switch and we can, I found that I am more efficient when grouping technical meetings together and strategy meetings together. Hoping from a technical mindset to strategy then back to tech then back to strtegy can be done but consumes your energy and it is not the most efficient, manage your calendar 🗓️

On a mission to demistify data strategy, join me and share what do you do in comments to manage business and technical meetings and be most efficient!

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