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Invest in your education

Education is a cause that I am passionate about, having access to graduate and postgraduate education is important ✍🏼

Learning and studying is what I do for fun, I enjoy challenging my brain 🧠

If I would share a life learning with younger me and people starting their careers, I would say:

  1. Don’t save on education, invest as much as you can🫴🏼
  2. Invest money, time and effort, it is worth it👍🏼
  3. Each stage of education will change your thinking. Courses can help you learn skills. A bachelor degree will open your mind to what is out there. A masters will teach you to challenge and link things. A PhD teaches you real critical thinking, synthesising complex ideas and more.
    There is a reason why a PhD is the highest level of education 🙌🏼
  4. My dad used to tell me “education is the only investment that can’t be taken away, it changes your mind“. This is so true, you can lose money, time but never your education. 📚
  5. Education will change your life as much as you allow it, don’t treat it as a certificate it letters after your name. Make sure that you use it to transform both your personal and professional life 🤩

Did you know that you can get access to Imperial College London library if you are a researcher of another university?

As a University of Cambridge researcher living in London, I need to focus and love working in libraries.

Check their process as they have services open to public as well!

Awesome support by Imperial College London amazing building and facilities 😊

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