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What have you learned in 2022?

It is our responsibility to take control of what we need to unlearn and learn.

One of the things that I unlearned in 2022 is using paper 📝, it didn’t work for me as I was all over place. Setting my to do for the day and moving around with a paper notebook 📔 was not helping me being organised

Now what I do to manage my life is:

  1. Set my to do list daily on Sunday 👋🏼
  2. Everything is in my outlook so all connected to ipad, laptop and mobile. I add things on the go, rearrange things and make sure I am on top of things throughout the day 💻
  3. I review my calendar at night after the day is done and look and my calendar for the next day. This allows me to prioritise what needs to be moved across the week 🗓️
  4. I have things colour coded on the calendar (work, research and so on)✅
  5. The rule is “if it is not in the calendar then it is not happening”. Even my friends know that, they make sure if we are travelling or doing something then it is in the calendar 👍🏼

Hope this helps some of you on your planning journey. Let me know if you have any questions on what I shared 😊

What have you unlearned or learned in 2022? Would love to learn from you as well!

#planning #dailyplanning #weeklyplanner

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