Analytics-Driven Strategy LinkedIn Live kick-off In this video, I am sharing the plans for my LinkedIn live and kicking it off. Let me know your thoughts please! Frequency: Twice a month. First and Third Thursday of every month.Time: 20:00 UK timeTopics: Analytics and Strategy LinkedIn Live Video allows approved members to broadcast live video content to our LinkedIn profiles. … Continue reading Analytics-Driven Strategy LinkedIn Live kick-off

Analytics Business Cases

Thoughts on how companies can utilise Data Analytics was the fourth question from the IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Valley of the Sun Chapter and DeVry University Virtual Student Chapter interviewThose are just a few examples of business cases utilising Analytics, what other projects did you work on which utilised Analytics?Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! … Continue reading Analytics Business Cases

So What?

Analytics is similar to consulting, your customers (internal/external) will tell you what they want. All the things that they see as important and urgent. Our job as Analytics professionals is to work with them on exploring their wants till we get them to realise what they really need.We have to ask the right questions, challenge … Continue reading So What?

Reflecting on Projects

Reflecting on projects helps us understand and grow. We look back and learn what went really well as well as what we could have done better. If we don’t recognise what went well we might stop doing it, it is as important as looking for improvements. analyticsdrivenstrategy #reflectonwork #reflectonprojects #thinkbeyond #growth #thinkopportunities #recognisewhatwentwell #fatemaelwakeel

Setting-Up A Data Analytics Centre Of Excellence – In A Pandemic

Jaguar Land Rover Financial Services shared how our team embarked on setting-up our Data Analytics COE when the pandemic hit as well as our future plans, this was done in Cambridge Service Alliance - University of Cambridge Industry Day. Creating the right strategy and ecosystem for a successful Data Analytics Transformation needs industry expertise and business support. Below is the … Continue reading Setting-Up A Data Analytics Centre Of Excellence – In A Pandemic

What is Agile Methodology? Data Analytics projects are normally run using Agile Methodology. You will hear terms like Sprints, Scrums, Product Owners and more. It can be overwhelming when you start. In this IMA podcast, I talk about the benefits of Agile and cover the basic terms to better understand how the methodology works. This episode also covers … Continue reading What is Agile Methodology?