The Art of Creating a Masterful Data Visualisation Story

Have you registered to IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Tech-Talk Mondays on the 12th of July yet? Ann Dzuranin and I will be speaking about the art of visualisation and storytelling in Analytics. Come and join us at 6pm UK time/1 pm EST time where we will be sharing our personal thoughts and experience! The registration link … Continue reading The Art of Creating a Masterful Data Visualisation Story

The “Analytics-Driven Strategy” Podcast is Here!!!

Received so many requests to create an "Analytics-Driven Strategy" podcast, it was really flattering - thank you 🙂 Been working on this project for a while and it is finally out, the "Analytics-Driven Strategy" podcast is on 5 platforms now!!! You can listen to previous LinkedIn live episodes while driving, running or on the go. … Continue reading The “Analytics-Driven Strategy” Podcast is Here!!!

Global Board of Directors Learning

Currently attending the last Board of Directors meeting for this year, great strategic and insightful discussions as always. It has been an honour to serve on FY2021 IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Global Board of Directors and be part of the Governance Committee! Serving on the IMA Board allowed me to support members with education, add … Continue reading Global Board of Directors Learning

Analytics-Driven Strategy LinkedIn Live kick-off In this video, I am sharing the plans for my LinkedIn live and kicking it off. Let me know your thoughts please! Frequency: Twice a month. First and Third Thursday of every month.Time: 20:00 UK timeTopics: Analytics and Strategy LinkedIn Live Video allows approved members to broadcast live video content to our LinkedIn profiles. … Continue reading Analytics-Driven Strategy LinkedIn Live kick-off

Analytics Business Cases

Thoughts on how companies can utilise Data Analytics was the fourth question from the IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Valley of the Sun Chapter and DeVry University Virtual Student Chapter interviewThose are just a few examples of business cases utilising Analytics, what other projects did you work on which utilised Analytics?Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! … Continue reading Analytics Business Cases