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Data Strategy is Change Management

Scaling Data Strategy and Analytics is a massive change management exercise within any organisation. Analytics-Driven Strategy new podcast is out where I focus on 3 important aspects which must be taken into account when embarking on this process.  This podcast is based on my peer-reviewed article in IMA | Institute of Management AccountantsStrategic Finance Magazine publication. The podcast… Continue reading Data Strategy is Change Management

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Thank You Jaguar Land Rover And Thank you To All My Former Colleagues!

In April 2015, I joined Jaguar Land Rover and little did I know that my journey with this amazing company will last more than 6 and a half years. The contract I received in a USB stick in the form of a Jaguar Land Rover car key was literally the key to my ultimate job in this company, it… Continue reading Thank You Jaguar Land Rover And Thank you To All My Former Colleagues!

Analytics Strategy

Analytics Organisational Models

What is your organisation's Analytics Model? Is it centralised, hybrid or decentralised? What are your thoughts on Analytics Models? In this article I have just published on LinkedIn, I have shared the three main analytics models: Let me know your thoughts! #analyticsdrivenstrategy #leadership #executivemindset #sharingknowledge #career #learning #leadership #agilemethodology #analyticsdrivenstrategy # #analytics #AnalyticsDrivenStrategy #Fatemaelwakeel… Continue reading Analytics Organisational Models

Analytics Strategy

The Power of Collaboration During a Pandemic Video Recap – Jaguar Land Rover Session

Have you watched the below youtube short recap video from "The Power of Collaboration During a Pandemic" session? Last month we shared our Jaguar Land Rover Financial Services experience and how the team set our Data and Analytics COE from scratch during the Covid in the Digital Leadership Forum! LinkedIn article: #sharingknowledge #career #learning #leadership #agilemethodology #analyticsdrivenstrategy… Continue reading The Power of Collaboration During a Pandemic Video Recap – Jaguar Land Rover Session

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Carve Your Own Career

A career is something you carve through Being open to opportunities and not afraid to step into challenging projects and roles.Continuously developing and learning.Having a career plan that you update and amend based on what you learn. Your mind will grow with your age, experience and knowledge.Speaking with people in the profession and understanding what… Continue reading Carve Your Own Career

Analytics Strategy

The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models

Analytics-Driven Strategy's new podcast is out, have you listened to it yet? In this episode, I am discussing how choosing the right Data and Analytics model for the organisation is similar to choosing the right structure for a house. The organisational structure needs to be robust, solid and suitable for future changes. In this session,… Continue reading The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models

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Leadership vs. Management – Inspirational

Leading vs Managing is a topic that I mentor few people on and will try to share more of my thoughts on it on LinkedIn, it is very important in Data and Analytics especially if you are working at an executive or a senior level. Managing is more of control and setting rules and guidelines… Continue reading Leadership vs. Management – Inspirational

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The Art of Storytelling

Have you thought about the art of storytelling in Data and Analytics?In this article, I am sharing one of the tips that I have always used for years now and shared in IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Tech-Talk Mondays webinar sponsored by Oracle earlier this month.Very humbled and honoured to receive such positive feedback through my inbox -… Continue reading The Art of Storytelling

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Perfection is the enemy of Done

Always remember that Perfection is the enemy of Done. As Confucius said, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without"! Progress is so important, I usually follow the 80-20 rule. Equally sometimes 60-40 or 90-10 is enough. My point is, make sure to measure the Definition of Done for every task. Close your… Continue reading Perfection is the enemy of Done