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The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models

Analytics-Driven Strategy's new podcast is out, have you listened to it yet? In this episode, I am discussing how choosing the right Data and Analytics model for the organisation is similar to choosing the right structure for a house. The organisational structure needs to be robust, solid and suitable for future changes. In this session,… Continue reading The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models

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The Art of Storytelling

Have you thought about the art of storytelling in Data and Analytics?In this article, I am sharing one of the tips that I have always used for years now and shared in IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Tech-Talk Mondays webinar sponsored by Oracle earlier this month.Very humbled and honoured to receive such positive feedback through my inbox -… Continue reading The Art of Storytelling


The “Analytics-Driven Strategy” Podcast is Here!!!

Received so many requests to create an "Analytics-Driven Strategy" podcast, it was really flattering - thank you 🙂 Been working on this project for a while and it is finally out, the "Analytics-Driven Strategy" podcast is on 5 platforms now!!! You can listen to previous LinkedIn live episodes while driving, running or on the go.… Continue reading The “Analytics-Driven Strategy” Podcast is Here!!!

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Content Thoughts!

It is Monday, the start of the week - Happy Monday! I am having a mega knowledge content creation this week, lots of projects and announcements. I have a question for you, how can I support you on your Analytics-Driven Strategy journey? Like, what topics do you want me to cover? What platforms do you… Continue reading Content Thoughts!

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What is Agile Methodology? Data Analytics projects are normally run using Agile Methodology. You will hear terms like Sprints, Scrums, Product Owners and more. It can be overwhelming when you start. In this IMA podcast, I talk about the benefits of Agile and cover the basic terms to better understand how the methodology works. This episode also covers… Continue reading What is Agile Methodology?

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Career and Hobbies Pattern

Our personality flourishes when we pick the right hobbies and career. Somehow, we can see the patterns between both and this helps us create a better career for ourselves. In October I did my first duathlon but had a massive injury. Today I did my first Sunday run in the couch to 5k plan, this… Continue reading Career and Hobbies Pattern

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Leveraging Automation to Transform Finance IMA Event

Join me on January 27, for "Leveraging Automation to Transform Finance" a free webinar organised by IMA Europe. Gain insights into: ✔What are the priorities of CFO’s and the impact of the COVID crisis?✔What are the levers of Digital Transformation and what role can automation play?✔The evolution from basic RPA to Intelligent Automation and automation… Continue reading Leveraging Automation to Transform Finance IMA Event