Analytics Organisational Models

What is your organisation's Analytics Model? Is it centralised, hybrid or decentralised? What are your thoughts on Analytics Models? In this article I have just published on LinkedIn, I have shared the three main analytics models: Let me know your thoughts! #analyticsdrivenstrategy #leadership #executivemindset #sharingknowledge #career #learning #leadership #agilemethodology #analyticsdrivenstrategy # #analytics #AnalyticsDrivenStrategy #Fatemaelwakeel … Continue reading Analytics Organisational Models

Carve Your Own Career

A career is something you carve through Being open to opportunities and not afraid to step into challenging projects and roles.Continuously developing and learning.Having a career plan that you update and amend based on what you learn. Your mind will grow with your age, experience and knowledge.Speaking with people in the profession and understanding what … Continue reading Carve Your Own Career

The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models

Analytics-Driven Strategy's new podcast is out, have you listened to it yet? In this episode, I am discussing how choosing the right Data and Analytics model for the organisation is similar to choosing the right structure for a house. The organisational structure needs to be robust, solid and suitable for future changes. In this session, … Continue reading The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models

Have You Set July Goals Yet?

Setting monthly and weekly goals is so important, it helps you stay on track and understand if you need to do any changes to your yearly goals. Have you set your July goals yet? What is your top goal this month? #analyticsdrivenstrategy#success#analytics #agilemethodology #analyticsdrivenstrategy # #analytics #AnalyticsDrivenStrategy #Fatemaelwakeel #DataAnalytics #RPA #Robotics #DataScience #Modelling #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning … Continue reading Have You Set July Goals Yet?

The “Analytics-Driven Strategy” Podcast is Here!!!

Received so many requests to create an "Analytics-Driven Strategy" podcast, it was really flattering - thank you 🙂 Been working on this project for a while and it is finally out, the "Analytics-Driven Strategy" podcast is on 5 platforms now!!! You can listen to previous LinkedIn live episodes while driving, running or on the go. … Continue reading The “Analytics-Driven Strategy” Podcast is Here!!!